Sammal - Myrskyvaroitus. 2015 Finland

Sammal are yet another modern "proto-prog" Scandinavian group to reach back to the glory years of 1970 to 1974 for inspiration. The instrumentation is entirely analog, as are the production techniques. We recently featured another such group from Finland - Malady - and the results here on Sammal's second album are very similar. The indigenous tongue is also quite important for the overall product to be successful (and thanks to Fairyeee for the cool explanation about 'Stormvarning'). For us Americans, who almost have no chance of understanding Finnish (or even figuring it out), we'll miss out on the meaning, but the sound of the language is integral to the presentation, and quite enjoyable to the ears. The end result is something akin to a Finnish Uriah Heep, circa 1972. It's a familiar recipe with a unique preparation. So if bands like Kalevala, Nimbus, and Haikara put a smile on your face, so shall Sammal.

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CD: 2015 Svart

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