Pyramid Peak - Ocean Drive. 1999 Germany

After 6 cassettes and 3 CD-R's, Pyramid Peak finally release their first solid state album. They are a German trio who essentially all play synthesizers in the field of electronic music. Wanna take a guess who they're influenced by? This would be the upbeat early 1980's era Tangerine Dream, just before they became incurably cutesy. Ocean Drive has some of the best digital - repeat: not analog - sequences I've heard in a long while. Some of the synthesized beats are more of our current next century era than the T Dream we all know and love. Also worth noting that the keyboard soloing is more geared towards Klaus Schulze than Edgar Froese. Pyramid Peak, along with Rainbow Serpent, were among the leading groups from the mother country of Berlin School electronic music in the 2000 decade.

Personal collection
CD: 1999 Invisible Shadows

The CD proper is on Invisible Shadows, and these CDs have gone extinct over the years. A label from Germany called SynGate have reissued many of their titles, but in the inferior CD-R format, which is truly unfortunate. I'm glad to have been able to source the original CD when it was still available. Perhaps it will become available again in a proper physical format (CD or LP).

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