Presto Ballet - Peace Among the Ruins. 2005 USA

Mannn... had this album only been around in 1979, right? Van Halen walks into the studio and jams with Kansas; Uriah Heep listened to Judas Priest and said "hey, let's add a little guitar muscle here and we can do this!"; Styx grew a pair (or James Young took control of the band - whichever). You know you would have waited all night on the radio to hear this - don't deny it! But alas, it's 2005, and it's a thrash metal guy bankrolling it. A guy with a vintage keyboard fetish, and he still has a crush on that girl from high school - except he knows she's fat and ugly now and lives in a trailer with 6 kids and double the pets... and he's actually quite accomplished, but doesn't know anyone that cares to prove it to anymore. Sigh. The life of all of us who grew up in that time frame. Well, anyway, great stuff here for us straight heterosexual men of a certain age. Not progressive rock - noooo (stop it guys!) - but that wonderful late 70s Pomp / AOR sound - with some 80s crunchy guitar to lap it up with. Why not? I'm buying the concept.

Personal collection
CD: 2005 InsideOut (Germany)

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