Nebelnest - s/t. 1999 France

France's Nebelnest hit the progressive rock world by storm in 1999, though it appears - sadly - that they are largely forgotten today. This debut is an incredible document. Imagine Belgium's Present playing the music of... Group 1850. Never has the edgy 80s and 90s merged with the most exciting and experimental psychedelic bands of the late 60s, as well as Nebelnest has achieved here. The two part 'Psykial Trysm' is something really special, and truly surpasses peak experience status. A high water mark for music such as this. Seriously, it has everything from the tribal drumming, to the mellotronic mystique, to the fuzzy Ratledge-styled keyboards, onto epic psychedelic guitar climaxes with a spastic rhythm section blasting it all to the stars. My goodness, what a piece of music! And that's hardly the end of the journey. It's just the beginning actually, and there are many other examples I could point to (see track ratings). This one will leave you breathless if you are like me, and the idea of late 60s instrumental psych mixed with high energy angular and angry avant prog sounds like a fetching concept.

Nebelnest carried on for two further albums (both of which I've already reviewed here on RYM), though they were much more towards a direct fashion, similar to the aforementioned Present actually (or mid 70s King Crimson if you insist), but leaving behind the late 60s Pink Floyd / Ash Ra Tempel psychedelic Kosmische... unfortunately.

Whatever the case, this debut album will most certainly be rediscovered, and be considered a highlight of the era in which it was released. Might be a few years yet. My guess? The 2030's...

Personal collection
CD: 1999 Laser's Edge (USA)

The CD was released by The Laser's Edge in the US initially, and later picked up by Musea in France. Today, both versions are long sold out, with only pirate editions running amok. It was never pressed on vinyl, nor ever repressed, thus making it a very rare CD today. I bought the Lasers Edge CD when it came out (still remember discussing it with those involved with the release at the time). This one goes to the grave with me.

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