Mogul Thrash - s/t. 1971 England

Mogul Thrash is most famous for being the point of entry for a one John Wetton, though in reality this was guitarist James Litherland's band fresh off his stint with Colosseum. Brian Auger is on hand for direction and some piano. Auger/Colosseum provides a good guidepost for the musical content as well, with the added attraction of horns, giving us that unique UK brass rock feel. 'Elegy' is a stunner, with another highlight in 'Going North, Going West'.

Personal collection
CD: 1999 Disconforme (Andorra)

One would think an album with such a blue chip pedigree would be better served in the reissue market. Not the case. Finding the CD at an affordable price (and not scratched up) can be a challenge. It took me a few years to secure mine, though I'm not sure demand is soaring. Because of this, and the album's notoriety, pirates own this title with multiple bootlegs on LP and CD proliferating about. I keep expecting Esoteric to put this one back on the shelf, but perhaps the pirate market killed off that chance. The Disconforme CD is no great shakes, lacking even their usual liner notes, but at least it's legit and features 4 relevant bonus tracks. They altered the original track order as well*. The second scan is the Blueprint CD, which I haven't seen, though it doesn't feature any bonus tracks.

*Back of the CD states: "Due to the time limits of the original vinyl, the track list was selected by the shortest takes. Now the producer, after a deep checking of all the tapes, made a definitive selection of the best releases."

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