Message - The Dawn Anew is Comin. 1973 Germany

Message - The Dawn Anew is Comin. 1973 Bacillus/Bellaphon

CD reissues: 1993 Bacillus/Bellaphon; 2003 CityStudio Media Production

LP issues/reissues: 1973 Bacillus/Bellaphon (France); 1976 Bacillus/Bellaphon (Spain); 1977 Bacillus/Bellaphon; 2010 Second Battle; 2016 Bacillus/Bellaphon

The German/Irish combo's debut album. It took me some time to wrap my ears around this one, as it didn't meet the lofty expectation of the brilliant followup From Books and Dreams (featured here elsewhere). The Dawn Anew is Comin is a bit more straightforward from a hard rock perspective, and fits the landscape of the German underground perfectly. If you're a fan of the genre, this comes as an easy recommendation. If looking for more challenging progressive Krautrock, I'd suggest starting with From Books and Dreams. Personally, I consider this one essential as well. 'Heaven Knows' is the highlight track for me.

As for reissues, none are particularly exciting. It would be nice for a specialist label to come along with liner notes and bonus tracks. As far as I can tell, all reissues are straight-up. I noticed my CD pressing is different than the 3 they have listed on Discogs as I write this (including the Russian one). Mine is clearly 100% legit, but it has different pressing codes. Basically what that tells me, is the album was somewhat "in production" at some point. Finding the album on vinyl isn't too hard, as there's multiple pressings. Originals however, can be more difficult to secure at a decent price.  My first copy was a single sleeve LP from 25 years ago or so. I believe it was the French press, but I can't be certain, so I won't mark it red.

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