Landberk - One Man Tell's Another. 1994 Sweden

Landberk were first. It was they who originally brought the early 70s Swedish analog progressive sound back to light in the prog starved early 90s (yes true). Anglagard and Anekdoten were to follow shortly thereafter. So after a brilliant debut (the native Swedish version being the more preferable of course), there was great anticipation for my friends and I, as to what would Landberk followup with. And it was... not this. Almost ironic in that Landberk, on the grammatically incorrect One Man Tell's Another, copied the more atmospheric and arty portions of Anekdoten's debut. And like the latter band, began to sing in English exclusively. WTF? Well, I never gave up on the album, storing it away for future listens. Today, I judge the band on what they were doing, not what I wanted them to do (a common problem we all deal with). It's still heavily based in psychedelia, with fuzz guitar, Hammond organ, and mellotron everywhere. But the music is geared more towards 90s art rock than 70s symphonic progressive. One can hardly blame a contemporary group trying to be relevant in modern times. This was still 1994, not 2016, where retro prog is now considered cool. Back then, it was not I assure you, and these bands from Sweden were pioneers with a very small audience (there were only a few of us then - and certainly not hipsters!). Of course, even in retrospect, I would have wished for a more developed successor to the debut. But what they recorded is still quite excellent. And has stood the test of time quite well. Perhaps better, yes.

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May 22, 2018 update: Sold the CD as I received a great offer. I'll do without for now.

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  1. Yes, the audience was small... We were only a few, so the effort to appeal to a more indie-looking audience while retaining their more adventurous sound, was understandable. Some of these experiments proved successful in hindsight, and this one is definitely the case.


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