Korai Orom - 2000 Sound & Vision. 2000 Hungary

Korai Orom - 2000 Sound & Vision. 2000 private (CD)

Sound & Vision 2000 is the 4th album from the Hungarian collective Korai Orom. At this point in their career, Korai Orom sounded like a direct cross between Can and Ozric Tentacles, but as played for Rave parties typical of the turn of the century. It's repetitive, danceable, and yet still very psychedelic rock influenced. Given they are a large scale band that plays real instruments, the music is far more interesting than a DJ with a massive sampler reserve bank. All the same, while the album is most certainly excellent background music, it's not as engaging on close listens as I'd prefer.

The CD comes in a fine digi-pak. No vinyl as is the case with most of this band's releases.

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