Klaus Schulze - Inter*Face. 1985 Germany

I bought this album right after it came out, while still in college (probably paid too much for the import). 10 years after that, needing shelf space, I sold it in one of my LP catalogs (probably sold it for too little). And now 20 years later, I have the original CD in my possession for the first time. Shoot, this thing came out before I even had a CD player!

Anyway, the reason I sold the album is I had a boat load of Schulze already (if I only knew then how much he was about to release...), and this one seemed superfluous at the time. Perhaps it still is, I dunno. Sure, there's a bit of Klaus-on-auto-pilot going on here, and the tracks linger for longer than they need too, but doggone if this doesn't set the right mood. And the epic long track recalls Schulze's 70s sequencer works, more so than the proto-chill-out of the first side. Plenty of great (real) percussion adds to the vibe.

Personal collection
CD: 1985 Brain

As mentioned in the review above, the CD is completely old-school. There's the definition of what "Compact Disc Digital Audio" even means and is "Printed in West Germany". Yeaaaaa. I miss the original Brain label.

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