Killing Floor - Out of Uranus. 1970 England

The front cover is magnificent, showing a psychedelic collage of the beautiful female face and form. A complex album no doubt, right? It is - like the album itself - a facade. The gatefold shows nothing more than adolescent sexual fantasies. And the back cover lowers to the sick. Crawl Naked Women! CRAWL! Likewise the album presents itself as a credible early form of progressive hard rock. The title track (lots of 13-year-old yuks there, eh?) could have easily been the mythical Al Atkins' Judas Priest album we never got to hear. 'Soon There Will be Everything' has mellotron poured over everything giving off a whiff of sophistication and forward thinking. 'Acid Bean' begins to show the cracks of normality, and by the time of 'Sun Keeps Shining' we are in the gutters of straight-up blues rock. 'Call for the Politicians' is particularly bad (Sex Pistols meet Greg Kihn, in 1970?), before the band pull themselves up for two more decent tracks, and then back to the alleys of dirt and sleaze. Not blues rock? Bunk. What else could you call it? Not a bad album at all - above average on the whole actually - but it could have been so much more. The one-track deviant mind of the 15 year old was... derailed. Apparently.

Personal collection
none. Sold the 1988 SPM CD.

Originals were pressed in many countries, but the UK LP is worth a fortune. Because of its wide distribution, licenses abound, and there are a lot of shady reissues out there - though perhaps not outright pirates.

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  1. Not impressed upon first listen (in the early 80s) but somehow I've kept it and I'm happy I did. It upgraded with revisits in the late 90s and onwards...


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