Ibis - s/t. 1975 Italy

Ibis - s/t. 1975 Polydor

CD reissues: 1992 Mellow/Polydor; 1994 Polydor; 1995 Polydor (Japan); 2001 Polydor (Japan mini-LP); 2009 Universal (as part of the Progressive Italia Vol. 2 6 CD box set); 2010 Polydor (Japan mini-LP)

LP reissues: 1982 Polydor (Japan); 2014 AMS/Vinyl Magic

I find it humorous that I have somehow cobbled 4 versions of this album. I didn't even own it at all a few years ago, and that's primarily because I didn't like it much. I still wouldn't claim it to be some great Italian prog masterpiece, but it works well as a hard rock / progressive crossover album. I've come to grips with it on its own terms. The New Trolls never had any identity, and neither did their offshoots, which includes Ibis. Their debut Sun Supreme is a classic album in the Yes mold. Their self-titled second (yes, please be as confusing as possible guys) is nothing of the sort. It could have been a New Trolls album, or a completely new outfit. Most of the album is solid, with a couple of blues/boogie clunkers. The one highlight is the lengthy 'Narratio'.

The original comes in a single sleeve, and often times with wrinkly laminate (as is mine). None of the reissues are particularly exciting, lacking liners and bonus tracks (the Japanese CD versions feature one bonus). Typical major label product. The only reason I have so many versions is I can't seem to pass up a great deal. The box set will get the heave-ho once someone properly reissues Sensations' Fix Finest Finger (though I do need to secure Carnascalia on CD too, which does exist). I probably won't keep the Japanese LP either, but for now why not. The original LP and Japanese mini are the keeper copies.

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