Hooffoot - s/t. 2015 Sweden

Hooffoot are from the southern Swedish city of Malmo, and are an excellent representation of a Swedish progressive rock band... from 40 years ago. Like their forefathers, the band is rooted in jazz, but fascinated with rock. And Latin culture. Sound odd? Not in Sweden would it. So combine Kvartetten Som Sprangde, Sabu Martinez, Ablution, and Mendoza together. Then go back exactly 40 years to one of the all-time Swedish jazz rock greats, and just now being discovered (finally): Berits Halsband. "Oh hello Miles Davis, Kebnekaise, and Flasket Brinner - nice to meet you!". And then enters the room this jumpy, kinetic 90s group called Anglagard (perhaps you've heard of them?). Funnel the lot of them into the blender and grind, mash, grate... Hooffoot. Now that's a cocktail worth drinking!

Personal Collection
LP: 2015 Paura di Niente
CD: 2017 Paura di Niente

The LP is housed in a fine gatefold from the Paura Di Niente label, and so far is the label's only release. A fine tri-fold CD appeared on the market in 2017 and makes for a nice supplement.

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  1. Nice precis of the sound! According to the band's web site a CD will be released on 26th March 2017.


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