Helstar - Remnants of War. 1986 USA

Helstar - Remnants of War. 1986 Combat

LP issues: 1986 Accord (France); 1986 Noise (Germany)

CD reissues: 1999 Century (Germany); 2009 Century (Germany); 2011 Icarus (Argentina)

Remnants of War is Houston, Texas based Helstar's second album. And is precisely the type of 80s metal I love - it's raw, heavy, inventive, a little messy, and extremely engaging. And... yes, progressive too as there's quite a bit of riff and tempo variety within each track. To my ears, Remnants of War sounds like a heavier version of Fates Warning's The Spectre Within, an album that remains one of my favorite metal albums ever. And James Rivera's soaring vocals even recalls John Arch at times. The relistenability factor is very high for recordings such as this.

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  1. A forgotten classic! Their best moment i.m.o. Unfortunately it was the lost second album, having less memorable songs than their excellent debut, BUT Helstar never sounded so "progressive" if you get my point. They bridge the gap between the Priest sound and proto-thrash in intensity & aggression, yet the song structures ain't that "easy on the ear". Their multiple riff changes guarantee that you need to listen to the damn album over and over again! Monster release.


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