Grobschnitt - Jumbo. 1975 Germany

Grobschnitt's third, Jumbo, can be considered a natural progression from Ballermann. No doubt attaining a modicum of success on the previous album, Grobschnitt decided to continue along the path of the song-based portion of their predecessor. In some ways they've actually surpassed Ballermann as the songs are more clever and the music somewhat more interesting. There's a strong Genesis element here, with a bit of their goofball interjections to annoy. Unlike Ballermann, there are no space rock opuses to offset the shorter songs. Still, I find this album more enjoyable as I get older. The German version (aka Mit Deutschen Texten) is exactly the same music - but with German lyrics sung on top. So there's really no point in obtaining both separately. Unless you're a linguist of course...

Personal collection
LP: 1975 Brain
CD: 1998 Repertoire

Jumbo apparently sold well as the album pretty much remained in print throughout Brain's original LP cycle (including orange and black labels into the early 1980s). The German text version is actually a separate catalog number. English language originals are on the green label without the word Metronome printed. It's pretty easy to find, and I recently sourced an original for a reasonable price. Because of that, LP reissues would seem redundant. Most of the CDs have both versions contained within. The 2015 Brain CDs were released separately, but with additional live bonus tracks. According to Discogs, the Belle Antique version is a digi-pak rather than their usual mini-LP style.

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