Emma Myldenberger - s/t. 1978 Germany

Though from Germany, Emma Myldenberger recalls the late 70s bands from the Outaouais region of Quebec. Groups/kollektiv's like Connivence, L'Engoulevent, Etoifilan, etc... a certain regional "of nature" quality that envelops the mostly instrumental folk based music. The female vocals only adds to the vibe. Other guideposts include native bands Parzival at their least traditional, and Broselmaschine when in ethereal mode. Pleasant music that can be described as the era's civil disobedience to the glitzy disco movement that was desecrating the medium at the time.

Personal Collection
CD: 2006 Garden of Delights

There are two distinct original LP presses, each with a different back cover (which I've pasted in here). The black one is considered the original by Discogs. I have the other one. I'm not sure for certain which is the original, but given that I bought my copy brand new in 1990 or so indicates that Discogs is probably correct in their assertion. Garden of Delights suggests they were released simultaneously. The CD contains 5 bonus tracks and copious liner notes. Update: I decided to sell the LP and only keep the CD for this title.

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