Drama - s/t. 1995 France

Drama are a French band from the heart of Normandy (between Rouen and Le Havre). Their debut is an all instrumental neo prog outing, that turns out to be quite engaging despite the premise. Imagine the 80s NWOBPR bands such as Lahost, Tamarisk, and even IQ - as all-instrumental concerns. With a little bit of that medieval Minimum Vital sound to boot. That should give you an insight as to what to expect here. Tight, punchy, energetic, and highly melodic songs in the 6 to 7 minute range is what you'll find on Drama. And despite the lengthy track times, nary a dull moment can be found. Mind you, if you're the progressive rock nut who insists on densely charted scores, or need 70s fat analog instrumentation for your musical diet, then I highly suggest you move on past this title. Otherwise if the bands mentioned above light your fire, and modern synthesizers with non-metal 90s guitar tones are welcoming to your ears, then give it a spin. Personally I have a soft spot for music such as this, and my Musea CD is a keeper.

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CD: 1995 Musea

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