Chainsaw Jazz - DisConcerto. 1993 USA

Lead by bass player Mark Smoot and joined by Muffins drummer Paul Sears, Chainsaw Jazz unleashed one of the hardest and most energetic avant progressive albums ever released. The kind of album that would be the crown jewel of the Italian AltRock label had it been released in modern times. Joining the aforementioned rhythm section, Chainsaw Jazz employs two guitarists providing the necessary raw hard rock (not metal) edge that propels the music forward in an exciting way. The melodic components are provided by the other two members - one on saxophone while the other plays violin and electric mandolin. The first 3 tracks demonstrate that Chainsaw Jazz can possess restraint and discipline, and avoided those annoying tuneless and cacophonous improvisations that mar many of these type of releases. But starting with 'Neon Baby' they would occasionally spazz out as if they had to prove they belong to the spirit of free jazz. Had they avoided this common trap, I would've been compelled to rate this higher.

Personal collection
CD: 1993 Cuneiform

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