Brast Burn - Debon. 1975 Japan

I'll be honest, when I saw this album come up for a random listen, I figured it might find its way onto the next train out of here. Not even close. My first thought when seeing a 45 minute continuous track - noted as experimental and coming from Japan - is not something of an enjoyable experience.  In fact, noise is the only word that comes to mind. Brast Burn is anything but. It's very transcendental. The music has purpose, with interesting melodies and other sounds, and does maintain a rock base throughout. A thoroughly enjoyable ride.

Personal collection
CD: 1998 Paradigm (UK)

Regarding the CD, Discogs had it labeled as "unofficial". I just changed it. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets changed back, but I wanted to get on the record something that I had recalled years ago. Here are my notes as registered in Discogs: There was a slip of paper included with this CD, which I unfortunately did not keep, that went on to explain that Paradigm had the right to reissue this album. They went to great lengths to explain the legalities of it. The label itself is a legitimate concern, with no history of bootlegging (the Karuna Khyal was released under the same premise), so I think it's fair to give them the benefit of the doubt. It is a classic "gray area" reissue, but I wouldn't label it unofficial or pirate. If I'm overruled, I will accept the outcome, but for now I'm switching it back to legit.

No matter their final ruling, I'm comfortable owning this CD (copy #448), and if an indigenous reissue appears, then I may consider upgrading. Of course, there are plenty of other pirate editions slithering about today, that are best avoided.

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