Aleph - Surface Tension. 1977 Australia

Though from Australia, Aleph in reality sound more like a band from Ohio, and would have been a perfect fit for my USA Midwest / Ontario Progressive Rock (1970's/early 80s) list. Commercial FM radio meets progressive rock, with long tracks, mellotron, extended ideas, etc... Comparisons to Sebastian Hardie are compulsory, but not really accurate. Whereas that fine band were more attuned to a certain European sophistication, Aleph are a brash unit, very much like an American group would be. Despite featuring two females (on keyboards primarily), and the vocals are in a decidedly higher range, the lead singer is definitely male - yet another Midwest-American-covering-Yes trait. I love music like this, but certainly understand that it will fall into the... "garbage can" for less tolerant progressive fans focused solely on atonal soloing over non stop rhythm changes. While we appreciate the latter as well, a little melody never hurt anyone around here. Fine album for those who like that uniquely late 70's American prog sound.

Personal collection
CD: 1996 Poor House (boot)

It's debatable if this album has been reissued properly. My copy (that I purchased way back in 1996) is on Poor House, and it was their very first release - so it was a fully pressed CD, not a CD-R as they later succumbed too. All the same, it's clearly a bootleg and taken from vinyl (which is why I'm not claiming ownership). The M2U release claims a license, so we'll trust it's legit, but questions have arisen to the contrary. One wishes Aztec had covered this in their prime to remove all doubt. And I would gladly have purchased that reissue. I probably should look into obtaining an original LP, though it's hardly cheap.

Adding this with the CD Reissue Wish List tag.

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