Vega - Sol de Oscuridad. 1981 Spain

Sol de Oscuridad is Vega's 3rd album, and is a move from Rock Andaluz over to more traditional jazz fusion. The album cover is the first giveaway, as the stunning Puebla paintings are replaced by... well what is that anyway? Side 1 also contains some vocals that add little value. Side 2 gets back to what Vega does best, and the traditional sounds of southern Spain are reintroduced, though a bit more watered down than prior. Side 2 saves the game, and I probably should give to 3 stars, but I'm a fan so... half point more it goes.

Personal Collection
LP: 1981 Movieplay

Comes in a simple single sleeve with the pinched spine design. The album has never been reissued on CD or LP, and probably never will, though my mint copy is a not a great pressing. I bet a CD reissue would improve the album in this case.

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