Outskirts of Infinity - The Altar of the Elements. 1993 England

Once upon a time there was a project from England called Bevis Frond, led by a guitarist named Nick Salomon. They were a band who mixed 60s Hendrix psychedelia with 80s indie rock... to great popular success, and are still around today. During this same historical time and place, there was also a guitarist named Bari Watts, a former member of the aforementioned Bevis Frond, who led a project called Outskirts of Infinity. They were a band who mixed 60s Hendrix psychedelia with... 60's psychedelia... To little popular success, and are long gone. The latter, perhaps predictably, are more to my personal tastes. OK, I think we're done here. Any questions?

Oh, we do have a question! What's that? Frank... Frank Marino? Do I hear...? Yes, yes, I do hear Frank Marino too! Alright, goodnight everyone.

Personal collection

LP: 1993 Dark Skies

The CD features a 15+ minute track called 'Infinite Madness', which I haven't heard.

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