Modry Efekt - Svitanie. 1977 Czech Republic

Svitanie is the 5th studio album from Modry Efekt, and is one of their finer outings. Instrumental rock/jazz fusion is the music of choice, though there's still a small hint of their big band Nova Synteza days that creep in (especially on the title track). Guidepost sounds include nearby comrades Fermata, the Dutch groups Focus and Finch, and even Sunburst-era SFF, when one considers the synthesizer work. Have to agree with others here regarding the synth tones, which are definitely pleasing. Radim Hladik continues to light each of his recordings on fire with his exemplary guitar work. An excellent album.

Personal collection
CD: 2009 Supraphon (as The Blue Effect 1969-1989 9 CD compilation)

Like most Eastern European albums, LP copies remained in print for many years, so finding an original isn't too tough. The CDs will sound way better in these cases anyway, as we've spoken about many times about Eastern Europe during the Communist era.

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