McChurch Soundroom - Delusion. 1971 Switzerland

McChurch Soundroom - Delusion. 1971 Pilz

CD reissue: 1993 Ohrwaschl; 2011 Ohrwaschl

LP reissue: 2005 Ohrwachl

One of the most prized Krautrock albums from a collector's standpoint. McChurch Soundroom were one of the early albums on Pilz, before the label became a bastion of Germanic folk psych. You won't find a more dedicated and enthusiastic fan of classic 70's Krautrock than moi, but even for a biased cheerleader like me, this album has to rank as a slight disappointment. In the end, it's pretty much basic UK styled heavy rock, with some flute and a few progressive rock moves. Rather generic overall, and certainly puzzling how it's gained such a lofty reputation.

Originals are super expensive (upwards to $2,000), and the most treasured original LP on the legendary Pilz label. Oddly, there is a Venezuelan press as well.  It was never reissued on LP by Pop Import like most Pilz albums in the 1980s were. Ohrwaschl owns the reissue market here, and it's bare bones all the way. The album is basically in production. The 2011 CD is a digi-pak, if that matters. The LP listed is the first reissue pressing, but nowadays you can get the album in your favorite color, presumably to match with your latest Smart Phone. Ay-yi-yi.

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