Marsupilami - Arena. 1971 England

Marsupilami - Arena. 1971 Transtlantic

CD reissues: 1989 Line (Germany); 2005 Arcangelo (Japan mini-LP); 2007 Esoteric; 2016 Belle Antique (Japan mini-LP)

LP reissue: 2000 Get Back (Italy)

If you ever wondered what the prog rock scene would've sounded like had it existed during the Roman Empire, and who wouldn't think about that, then Arena is as close a facsimile as the imagination allows.

I'll probably go to my grave never understanding why this album isn't as highly revered as I think it should be. One of a kind greatness, that is only bettered by their debut album. Personally, I feel Leary Hasson is among the finest progressive rock composers ever. He had one more great composition to contribute after this (on CMU's Space Cabaret), and then off into the wilds he went. Yet another creative genius that will likely be noted as such - but sadly many years in the future after we're all long dead.

The original is housed in a thin, but nicely textured, single sleeve cover. The Arcangelo CD replicates this cover to the finest detail. For a long while, Arena was strictly the fodder for pirates, as the Line CD had been OOP for many years. Not until the Esoteric CD reissue, did it return back to general supply.

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