Jupu Group - Jazz Liisa 05. 1974 Finland (archival)

Jupu Group's contribution to the Jazz Liisa sessions is a good one. Lead by violinist Juhani (Jupu) Poutanen, the jazz rock flavor of the day is once again clearly informed by Mahavishnu Orchestra. Considerably rawer than their studio album that was to surface one year later, the listener will be treated to the rough and ready jazz rock sound of classic early 70's Miles Davis with Jean-Luc Ponty guesting on violin. Or so it seems. Closing number 'Lokki' sounds like an outtake from any number of Soft Machine's 1971 concerts, with its raw fuzz bass and soprano saxophone leads. It's a bit loose in places, as to be expected from a live improvisation such as this. Overall, if the name Jerry Goodman gets your heart started, then most assuredly you will not want to miss Jupu Group's Jazz Liisa 05 album.

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CD: 2016 Svart w/Jukka Linkola Octet


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