Iliad - Sapphire House. 1978 USA

A stunningly beautiful album. I've already written about the debut Distances, but Sapphire House takes everything to a new level. Piano remains the primary instrument, and the music is a mix of deep grooves, high flying jazz fusion, and melancholic atmospheric numbers with oboe and wordless female vocals. 'Beyond the North Wind' is a jaw dropper - a sixth dimension type of composition that will leave you speechless in wake of its beauty. This is an album still awaiting its discovery and audience. There's enough breaks and grooves here, that even the DJ crowd would find plenty to latch onto.

Personal collection

LP: 1978 Northern Lights

I just bought a mint original vinyl of this for the price of a hamburger (yes, in Feb of 2016). It's completely unknown and not sought after. If you are reading this review, and still have a turntable, then I highly suggest grabbing one before it does eventually get discovered.

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