Il Baricentro - Sconcerto. 1976 Italy

Il Baricentro were lead by the Boccuzzi brothers, and was their next venture after the folding of the excellent progressive rock band Festa Mobile. The moniker is an homage to the homeland of the brothers who were initially from Bari, Puglia in the south, before relocating to Rome with Festa Mobile.

Sconcerto is their debut album, and comes at a time in Italy when prog was out and jazz fusion was in. And as such, Il Baricentro fits squarely within the movement. The opener is a barnburner with irregular rhythms and dynamic soloing, similar to how the New Trolls Atomic System might do occasionally. Sadly this would be the only track in this style across both Il Baricentro albums. Had they done more music like this, I think the album would be held in better esteem today. That being said, this is not a poor effort at all, and I disagree with those that say it's cheesy. It's very much a product of its era, and the fusion is pleasant, a bit funky as to be expected, with plenty of great analog gear pushing it along. The melodies are nice, and it's clear the band took their time on the compositions. Perhaps not as dynamic as Napoli Centrale, Etna, or Nova, but definitely Il Baricentro belongs on that page of the encyclopedia.

Personal collection
LP: 1976 EMI
CD: 1991 Mellow/EMI

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