Holding Pattern - s/t. 1981 USA

Holding Pattern are a very good progressive rock band from Hartford, Connecticut, and who released one EP in 1981, and resurfaced again in 2007 with their first full length album. Majestic is the first CD reissue of the EP, and also includes roughly 50 minutes of unique archival material - live and studio - from 1981 to 1990. Given its hodgepodge nature (modern home recordings with drum machines, live tracks from the early 80s, a lonely commercial styled single), the overall CD is not near as consistent or as satisfying as the EP itself. The highlights are clearly the live material from the band's progressive rock heyday (tracks 10-14) and represent ~30 minutes of music, making this CD clearly worth the effort to find.  Of course, you can expect the quality of the live recordings to be varied, but certainly more than acceptable.

Personal collection
CD: 1991 Art Sublime (as Majestic)

The CD on Art Sublime is... well, sublime. It is housed in a full sized gatefold LP jacket, with new artwork (second cover scan), and a full history of the band inside the FOC. The CD is housed in a unique holder, custom made as an LP insert. It's a concept I loved back in the day, but the idea never really took off. I bought this package right after it was released, and today is extinct and goes for big sums. Not selling mine in any case.

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