Galaxy-Lin - s/t + G. 1974-1975 Netherlands

Galaxy-Lin were a side project of Dutch superstars Shocking Blue, and is a mix of progressive rock and vocal pop tracks. One unique aspect is the use of mandolin as a lead instrument. The vocal tracks are more commercial in nature (of course they are) and tend to drag the album down a bit. But the instrumentals are particularly well written (especially 'Utopia'). The band were to improve on their 1975 followup "G".

I don't have any notes for "G", but they graded out about the same, but did note that the edge went to "G".

Personal collection
CD: 2002 Rotation (contains both albums)

The Rotation CD (titled "G" and utilizing its cover) is actually a compilation of both Galaxy-Lin albums in full - and they still had room for a B-Side single! Why the label doesn't advertise it as such, is anyone's guess. Without knowing any better, you would think you were only getting the second album "G" with bonus tracks (even the artwork is the second LP only). This a straight reissue with no liner notes or anything else. The Polydor release is done in the "Original Album Series" slipcase style and comes in their original sleeves.

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