Uppsala - s/t. 1984 France

Where to even begin here? Uppsala is a square-on bulls-eye for the Zeuhl genre... via a mutant early 1980s New Wave lens. They would hardly be alone with the New Wave bit when one considers Superfreego, Foehn, and Fiction-era Eskaton. But... no, it's not like that either. Band leader Phillippe Cauvin sings in a strange high pitched voice (not in Kobaian, but a crazy scat / French hybrid - or onomatopoeic as the liner notes state), at times even evoking Devo of all groups. There's a strain of complex jazz fusion, as well as early 80s Belew era King Crimson. Highly unique for sure, and if you can tolerate those distinct early/mid 1980s tones, then Uppsala is going to be an instant hit in your household. Even stranger is the 3 bonus tracks on the Musea CD, where the band is playing live in 1995, and continuing on as if not much has changed in 10 years. But now with early 70s styled psychedelic guitar layered on top (recalling Cauvin's own past with Absinthe) - something that would have added at least a half point to the original studio recording. There's nothing else quite like Uppsala. I think it's appeal is wide if considering Zeuhl, early 80s Crimson, and late 70s fusion. Though dedicated fans of all 3 may be scratching their head, trying to understand what the other genres are doing to screw up their style. Yea, this is one to get for sure.

Personal collection
CD: 2001 Musea

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