Troya - Eruption. 1976 Germany

Troya - Eruption. 1976 Förderturm

CD reissues: 1993 Lost Pipedreams; 2001 Garden of Delights

LP reissue: 2002 Very Good Records

When I first bought this CD on Lost Pipedreams - not long after it was released - I hated it, and sold it immediately. Years later, I had a chance to hear it again, and my opinion softened considerably. And now I have the Garden of Delights CD in my possession, and think the album is quite good actually. What changed? Well me of course... and thousands more albums have been heard with these ears (and brain presumably, don't hold me to it though). Helps form the time and place aspect of the music. So yes it's true what they say - hardly a progressive rock masterpiece. And for certain a lo-fi recording, and with the master tapes forever lost, no chance of improving upon that fact either. All of which doesn't make for a bad album really. Musically, it's quite interesting, very much a product of its time. Melodic, semi-progressive tracks, with excellent period analog instrumentation (Hammond Organ mainly with some nice fuzz tone guitar among other usual suspects). The performance is good, and honestly it reminds me more of what you would find in "basement America" than what is typically associated with high quality German progressive rock.

As the above states, I have a long history with the album. The GoD CD is awesome with full liner notes and photos. And the best sound possible (having heard the Lost Pipedreams CD, I can vouch for this). Originals are off-the-charts expensive, and given that only 200 were pressed (and I believe it given how few I've ever seen), it's a case of no supply. Stick with the CD here. 

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