Subject Esq. - s/t. 1972 Germany

Like fellow countrymen Nosferatu, Subject Esq. are informed more by current British rock trends, than what was happening in the German underground. So if bands like Raw Material or Indian Summer are to your liking, then Subject Esq. will most certainly satisfy. I think it's a very good example of the sound, with high energy, creativity, and plenty of great period instrumentation. They would later change their name to Sahara and embark on a similar sound, while adding more complexity to the compositions.

Personal collection
CD: 1992 Ohrwaschl

The CD also includes two live tracks totaling 28 minutes. The sound is of good bootleg quality, and the tracks are more jamming in nature, hardly surprising given the era. A nice addition and much welcomed, but not essential on its own.

Ohrwaschl has completely wrapped up the rights on Subject Esq., and my CD is housed in a standard jewel case (also issued later in a digi-pak). The CD features fine sound, and the aforementioned bonus tracks. There are liner notes on the backplate, but they are in German.

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