Spettri - 2973: La Nemica dei Ricordi. 2015 Italy

Apparently Spettri were formed in the year of our Lord 1964. Coincidentally, that's when yours truly was born. And since I'm no spring chicken, it wouldn't be a stretch to then figure these guys are all in their early 70s. Of course, their founding was probably at age 12 with a teen beat band named The Specters. Details are scarce. But I don't want facts to get in the way of a good story, so I need the plot to stay on this 70s thing. It's a key number. As in 1973. Or, as the band suggests, 2973. Most bands that reform from the 1970s seem to have this irrational desire to be relevant in today's music culture. There's something just silly about watching old guys perform on "laptop". Spettri avoids that trap, and manages to obtain hipster status with a bonafide Italian retro prog classic (one would presume by pure happenstance). Time has stood still as the band - and yes, mostly with original members intact - has created an album that would have stood tall in 1973 much less 2015. All the hallmarks of the scene are present: Hard rocking guitar with massive breaks, crunchy organ and soothing mellotron, creative rhythms, and gravelly impassioned vocals sung in the native tongue. The compositions are complex, melodic, and memorable, perfect for repeated listens. As one gentleman remarked in his review, this really is a comeback out of nowhere. One begins to wonder about time travel and phenomena of that nature.

Spettri have created an album that needs far more attention than it's obviously received to date.

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CD: 2015 Black Widow

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