Now - Now What? 1990 USA

Now's sophomore effort shows the group leaving the hippie university town of Boulder, Colorado, and resettling in the San Francisco Bay Area. Musically, Now What? is more subdued than its riveting predecessor, demonstrating a mix of neo prog, rural psych, and symphonic progressive. The last two tracks, though, recall the debut's psychedelic eclecticism and quirkiness, and represent the highlights here. Reminds me of another Bay Area band, Episode. Not an album likely to set one's world on fire, but still a decent way to pass 40 minutes or so.

Personal collection
LP: 1990 Syn-Phonic

To the best of my knowledge the LP is still available at the source. Can't imagine much demand for a CD at this point. I doubt I would buy one if that were the case, and just stick with the LP for the time being.

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