Nova - Vimana. 1976 Italy-England

Vimana is the second album from the fusion supergroup Nova. The lineup is a mix of Brand X from the UK and various members from the Italian prog scene, most notably guitarist Corrado Rustici (Cervello) and reeds player Elio D'Anna (Osanna - who includes Corrado's brother Danilo). This being 1976, the music is definitely high powered fusion, with hot technical playing, but also a good grasp at melodic songwriting. Brand X and Return to Forever are the obvious guideposts here. This is a good one for fusion fans.

I'd originally picked up the US LP press in the 1980s (even today this is a $1 bin special), and didn't care for it at all. One does have to possess an appreciation of the mid 70s fusion style, or it's going to come across as noodly gloss (note other reviews you may see, not an atypical viewpoint).

Personal collection
CD: 2005 Arista (Japan)

Surprisingly given the marquee names involved, the CD has only been pressed in Japan.  My copy is the mini-LP from 2005, that replicates the original single sleeve LP, though in this case, there's nothing noteworthy about it.

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