Lied des Teufels - s/t. 1973 Germany

Lied des Teufels is the second incarnation of Hanuman, and is an unusual album that blends Deutschrock with Krautrock somewhat seamlessly. Aren't they one in the same, you ask? Well... no. And this album is the best example I've come across that displays both - right next to each other and even blended together. The trippy/cosmic/psychotic Krautrock side of the band shows up most distinctly on 'Nichts', but in most of the other songs as well. The straightforward German rock side is best exemplified on 'Wenn du fragst', but is also present elsewhere. Certainly not an exceptional album for my tastes - coming across as a less angst-ridden Franz K, for example. But worth checking out, and in my case, ownership for the short term at least.

Personal collection

CD: 1994 Ohrwaschl

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