Hunka Munka - Dedicato a Giovanna G. 1972 Italy

This is my first time to hear Hunka Munka, one of the very few Italian prog albums from the heyday that I hadn't absorbed prior. That's mainly because I was warded off from it years ago. And after hearing it, I can certainly understand why. Which is not the same thing as stating this isn't a good album. It is. Other reviews I've read do a fine job of reminding the readers that the Italian scene was heavily influenced by the acoustic romantic singer songwriter tradition that still prevailed well into the 1970s. Understanding that will go a long way to having the tolerance necessary to appreciate what sounds like to modern ears as "whiny vocals". The progressive rock element is brought forth early, and 'Ruote e Sogni' is the highlight piece with nice stretches of Hammond organ, and definitely born from the Italian prog rock tradition. But the album careens off the cliff for the final 10 minutes or so, and is purely Italian pop - and fairly annoying at that (despite the observations made above). And that is the last impression left for many a listener, and so it is understandable why folks would actually state it's a horrible album. It's not. But by all means, if just getting into the Italian prog scene, don't go anywhere near this one. I waited over 30 years myself. That's about right...

Personal collection

CD: 2005 BMG (Japan)

Originals are super rare  and apparently sold poorly in its day. Try to get a CD or LP with the gimmix toilet bowl cover.

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