Fantasy - s/t. 1970 USA

Fantasy - s/t. 1970 Liberty

CD reissue: 2006 Black Rills (Switzerland)

Miami, Florida based Fantasy are the sole representative from America on my Post psychedelic, proto progressive with female vocals list. The odd thing is the premise for the list is based on American psychedelic music, but was generally carried forward into the 70s by Europe. While the usual suspects like Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin are rounded up for comparison here, this album is far more progressive than that might imply. Given the early date, the music ties closest to Julian's Treatment on Time Before This - as well as the Deram album by the UK group Room. Blues, jazz, and psychedelic rock with organ, guitar, and passionate female vocals are blended together for a fine timepiece. A good one.

My copy is the original vinyl on Liberty (US) and it comes in a crazy gatefold where everything is backwards from what it should be. The information contained within the foldout cover is where the ages come from. I trust that Lydia was really 16 here, but she looks about 23, and the other male members look older too. 

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  1. Their song "Circus of Invisible Men" is a masterpiece of the genre.


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