ES - Wham Bang. 1979 Germany

Now here's a strange bird. ES is made up of former members of Krautrock veterans Tomorrow's Gift and the Release Music Orchestra. On the surface, Wham Bang is a straight ahead pop rock / disco album. And after each track's cringe worthy vocal section finishes, one might expect a short instrumental followed by some more tawdry vocals. Except the instrumentals don't always stop and ES begins to introduce a more common jazz fusion sound, as one might find on an earlier RMO release. Every time I was about to write Wham Bang off as a cheap European knockoff, then wham! bang! I'd hear an impressive instrumental bit. Yes, I think the album may have been a conscious satire on the current music trends of the day. Not among the greatest albums of all time, but a fun one to own for the collection. Keep expectations reasonable, and you may enjoy it too.

Personal collection
LP: 1979 Fran

My copy is the original gatefold vinyl release (thanks Lev!). It is here we learn of a potential debut LP that appears to never have been actually released. The inside images of a yacht is very typical of the late 70s tropical frenzied landscape, and again makes one wonder if they weren't having a bit of fun here.

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