Embryo - Turn Peace. 1989 Germany

Turn Peace is a serious world fusion work from Embryo, who by now had long shed their Krautrock past (though there are a couple of clear embedded reminders here of just that) and were completely engrossed in the hybrid of hardcore jazz and various cultures' indigenous folk tradition (mainly Middle Eastern, Indian, and African). Not an album to buy/hear if coming to it after absorbing Embryo's 1970s Krautrock classics. But if looking to see the logical conclusion of Embryo's Reise - both literally and figuratively, then this album was the end of the rainbow, as it were.

Personal collection

LP: 1989 Schneeball
CD: 1990 Schneeball

I first bought the lavish gatefold LP while in Munich (still own that copy!), not long after it was released in 1990. My thinking was that I would never see it back home in the USA. Given the era, not an unreasonable thought. It actually held true for many years. In today's "global economy", with hundreds of distribution channels at the ready, that seems a silly notion. How times have changed. Recently picked up the CD as a supplement, which encouraged the short notes above.

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