Eela Craig - s/t. 1971 Austria

Eela Craig are a band from Austria's third largest city of Linz, and their debut is completely different than the group's later symphonic keyboard heavy works from the mid 70s and beyond. Here, they are absolutely dead center in the middle of the classic 1971 Krautrock sound, where the whirling and droning Hammond organ is king, with chirping flute melodies laid on top, and angry fuzz bursts are on the ready. Somewhere between Out of Focus, Orange Peel, Thirsty Moon, and My Solid Ground is where you'll find the sound of Eela Craig. This album is a certified classic, and very much earns its reputation. And staying power. These are the albums that bring us back again and again.

Personal collection
CD: 1997 Garden of Delights (Germany)
LP: 2004 Amber Soundroom (Germany)

Originals on Pro Disc are off the charts rare and expensive and I've never been in possession of one. I own both the Garden of Delights CD (Penner technically at this point) and Amber Soundroom LP reissues. The former comes with copious liner notes and 4 bonus tracks. As the label admits, the masters were lost, so the CD was mastered from a new LP copy, and it sounds like it. The Amber Soundroom LP is most assuredly the same mastering as the GoD CD, as they worked together in 2004. The layout is nice, and replicates the original gatefold cover, but no liner notes. There are only two of the CD bonus tracks featured on the LP. Both Discogs and RYM have this all messed up (and I'll go fix the Discogs entry myself soon). 'Irminsul' and 'Yggdrasil' are from 1972 and are on both the reissue LP and CD. The tracks 'Stories' and 'Cheese' are from 1974 (both sides of a 45 single) and only on the CD and 2015 GoD LP. These latter tracks feature a good dose of mellotron.

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