Eden - Erwartung. 1978 Germany

Erwartung (Expectation) is the debut album from Eden, a large scale German symphonic band. They were one of the first of the Christian progressive rock bands that appeared in Germany/Switzerland and proliferated through the land in the late 70s and early 80s. And their sound could be considered the prototype, with multi part segments, and varied instrumentation including violin, flute, guitar, sax, etc... Along with dual male/female vocals - the latter sung in the expected soprano tone. The lyrics are sung in German, and the music has more than a passing resemblance to secular groups such as Novalis, Odyssee, Waniyetula, Werwolf, and Anyone's Daughter. Despite being a Christian album, and somewhat verbose, the lyrics clearly support the music rather than the other way around, so it is highly enjoyable strictly from a listening standpoint. That is to say, definitely a symphonic progressive rock band first, a message band second.

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CD: 1994 Pila

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