Chalibaude - Les Noces du Papillon. 1976 France

Interesting, and very good, folk rock album from Nantes, an area that traditionally belongs to Brittany, but administratively falls outside of it. Likewise, Chalibaude's music is heavily influenced by Celtic culture, but is sung in French. The liner notes inside the gatefold go so far as to translate the French words into Breton for the local buying populace. Musically, Chalibaude is similar to a combination of Malicorne, Gwendal, and Avaric. A fine progressive folk rock album, that is remarkably consistent without any major highs or lows.

Personal collection
LP: 1976 Cezame

Originals are housed in a very nice gatefold with lyrics in French and Breton. This is an album I never got around to featuring separately in the CDRWL, though I've owned it since 2003. So here is its much belated debut.


  1. I've said it before, but I think it bears repeating: we need an Elkar for Brittany to get more of this stuff out on CD. But in this day and age, what with streaming and downloads, that's not terribly likely to happen. I'm more likely to win the lottery. And I don't even play :-)


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