Deus Ex Machina - Devoto. 2016 Italy

Deus Ex Machina - Devoto. 2016 Cuneiform (USA CD)

Deus Ex Machina go back to their hard rocking roots on Devoto. It's a surprising return to form, especially for a band who had dabbled in more academic avant prog waters for such a long time. Hard rock guitar, crunchy organ, shredding violin, a driving rhythm section, and the Demetrios Stratos-like soaring Italian vocals of Alberto Piras, define this fine album. It's not dumbo hard rock either, but very much the complex sound of the early 70s. Truth be told, classic Italian prog was always more heavy than ever given credit for. Even bands like Area and Arti+Mestieri kicked out the jams once in awhile. If you listen to the early Deus Ex Machina albums, this is the sound you'll find, except now with more vintage gear in tow. Devoto is about as grimy, nasty, and dirty-under-the-fingernails as you'll ever hear on the refined Cuneiform label. My kind of album.

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