The Ceyleib People - Tanyet. 1967 USA

The Ceyleib People - Tanyet. 1967 Vault; 1967 Polydor (Germany)

CD reissue: 1991 Drop Out (UK)

From Los Angeles, The Ceyleib People released this one 23 minute album of instrumental psychedelic music with a heavy emphasis on looking eastwards toward India, which was quite the trendy thing to do in 1967. So if the idea of mixing sitar with the Chamberlin (precursor to the Mellotron) is an exciting concept for you, then The Ceyleib People will certainly satisfy. I quite like it myself, though it is a bit of musical wallpaper to be honest. Conditionally recommended. I'll probably hold onto to it for a few years more, though not likely to make it for the long haul.

The second scan is the German original, which appears to have had wide distribution in Europe. CD (on Dropout - only legit version) doubles the length by adding a mono mix, which certainly does sound better in this case. The stereo version is lacking... something.

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  1. A young Ry Cooder (crediter as "Ry Cooter") on this one.


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