TEE - Tales of Eternal Entities. 2016 Japan

The fluidly named TEE this time stands for Tales of Eternal Entities, and this is the Japanese band's 3rd album. I had feared that TEE's involvement with French TV's latest album may have given the group a new found rigidity. Fortunately that is not the case, and TEE return with their distinctly mid to late 70s warm European progressive rock sound. Flute, guitar, and analog sounding synth lines dominate the melodies, while the rhythm section mixes things up often to keep the music from becoming static. As in the past, you'll hear traces of Asia Minor, Solaris, Gotic, and perhaps more pointedly than ever, the godfather of such a sound: Camel. TEE could also be seen as an instrumental parallel band to Spain's L'Herba d'Hameli. 'Epimetheus' is a brilliant opener, and it appeared this album may well in fact be their best work to date. 'Mother Earth' is another standout track. There is nothing less than what I would consider an "excellent" track here. I would offer that Tales of Eternal Entities is a hair off the pace from the prior Trans-European Expression, but all of their albums are outstanding and not to be missed. Borderline 4.5 stars here (Gnosis 11), but will stay conservative. One of the best albums from 2016 so far for my tastes.

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CD: 2016 Musea Parallele (France)

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