Syrius - Most,Mult, Lesz. 1970-1972 Hungary (archival)

As you can see, I did decide to move this CD out recently (can't keep them all!). But I thought the post would be informative for those who have an interest in the band and title.

This CD is a nice archival release of Hungarian jazz rock / proto-prog from the early 70s.

Tracks 1 to 5 are from their historic (I imagine it to be anyway) journey to Australia in 1971, where their first album was recorded as well. Jackie Orszaczky would later immigrate there and release another fine album (actually better). These songs are mostly covers save 'Who is the Clown', but all the same are excellent jazz rock renditions of familiar tunes. And easily represent the best material and production here.

Track 6 is a sprawling 35 minute jazz rock suite recorded in 1970 in Budapest, and is completely unrelated to the album of the same name released in 1976. While the composition is fairly solid, the length is not justified, the performance lacks fire, and the recording is of decent bootleg quality.

The final title track was recorded in 1972 in Budapest, and once again is a fine composition, though lacking any notable qualities.

Definitely a worthy endeavor, though not an easy recommendation, despite the enormous challenges the band must have endured back then.

Personal collection
none. Sold the 1994 CD on Gong.

The CD on the Gong label features liner notes (in Hungarian), and the details of the recordings (which I supplied above).

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