Siddhartha - Weltschmerz. 1975 Germany

Random thoughts... The German Wapassou; A basement version of Hoelderlin; A cross between Trikolon and Jessica; Sounds like it was recorded in 1970 by high school students.

This is for the hardcore progressive rock fan who have already bought into the premise. For those more objective, or love the new Dogfish Head IPA made with Lysol spray, or scan 30 albums a day on YouTube - you need to avoid this. Really, go away. Leave us alone. :-)

Personal collection
CD: 1994 Penner

A very rare album in original form, any one of the reissues is likely going to be your point of entry here. Amber Soundroom partnered with Garden of Delights, so all the reissues most assuredly come from the same source. As per custom, the Garden of Delights (Penner) CD is chock full of great info, photos, and good sound.

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