Pi Corp – Lost in the Cosmic Void. 1973-76 USA

Pi Corp – Lost in the Cosmic Void. 1973-76. Archival

LP issues: 2001 Rockadelic; 2010 Almakarma (as Let Them Eat Pi (Musik Spontano Electrik)) (Italy)

CD issue: none

Archival recordings uncovered by Rockadelic, encompassing the dates from 1973 to 1976, and certainly one of the label's more progressive oriented releases. Pi Corp were a space rock band from Cleveland, Ohio and contains plenty of that ancient Vox Continental organ. Honestly these recordings seem like raw rehearsals that have been heavily affected by studio trickery. The latter element most likely added (or enhanced) many years later, perhaps for this LP release specifically. Interesting album, though not necessarily compelling.

I've had both the black and pink splash vinyl copies, the latter of which I currently own. The recent Italian issue (which comes in a gatefold and sports a different cover and title) includes 3 bonus tracks, though honestly the whole thing sounds like bonus tracks to me.

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