Jeremy Steig - Fusion. 1970, 1972 USA

Jeremy Steig - Fusion. 1972 Groove Merchant; 1973 RCA (Germany) both 2 LP set

CD reissues: 1987 Denon (as Something Else) (Japan); 1989 Lester Recording Catalog (as Something Else); 2007 Groove Merchant/Unidisc (Canada)

Groove Merchant's US and German releases of Fusion are a double LP, with the first LP being a reissue of the Capitol Records 1970 album Energy, and the second LP containing Fusion (originally released in Japan as a single album).

Even though the second disc has tracks with 'Rock #' named titles, it's Energy that kicks the most booty. Steig, on both of these albums, is just possessed on the flute, wailing almost non-stop for the duration. And some really fine fuzzed electric Fender Rhodes can be heard as well from Jan Hammer. Really can’t go wrong here if you’re a flute rock/funk fan similar to other like minded artists such as Bjorn J:Son Lindh and Chris Hinze.

You really have to pay close attention to this title, because as mentioned above, Fusion can also be the single LP. And some of the CD reissues are of the single LP, not this double. The Something Else CD reissues are each missing two tracks: 'Energy' and 'Rock #10'. The LRC reissue is owned by Sonny Lester, who was also the founder of Groove Merchant. It appears the Unidisc version (4th scan) is complete.

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